Price (inc. postage in Australia)
Building the Line: Stories of the Workmen who built the Blackbutt Extension of the Brisbane Valley Rail Line 1908-1913
by E. Delacy-Linville Pioneer Sporting Charity Club 2006
Larrikin Tales of the Brisbane Valley Volume 1 - Brisbane Valley Heritage Trails Inc. 2005   $6.00
Lairs, Liars, Ladies & Larrikins, Old Yarns of the Toogoolawah District - Toogoolawah & District History Group Inc 2005   $5.00
Nestle & Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Factory, Toogoolawah History Resource Document 1 by E. DeLacy - Toogoolawah & District History Group 2006   $12.00
Pioneering into the Future - By Dr. Judith Grimes - Nanango Shire Council   $38.00
Cradled In The Ranges - A history of Blackbutt, Benarkin, Taromeo and surrounding districts, By S.N. Stocks - Nanango Shire Council   $11.50
The Saga Of A Shire, By Robert John Lund (Bob) Morris (FIMA) - Nanango Shire Council   $11.50
Nanango - A Brief History of Building and Establishing the Town - Nanango Shire Council   $11.50
Nanango State School 125th Anniversary 1866 - 1991   $11.50
Saul Mendelsohn and the Ladies of Brisbane by George C. Groves   $19.00
Ringsfield "If only these walls could talk" by Hilary Franklin   $9.50
A Guide to the Bunya Mountains - By Wayne Ellis   $13.50
The Gathering of the Waters by L. Caffery & G. Groves. A Nanango Shire History Book in preparation that will be concise, accessible and economically priced. - Anticipated date of publication December 2006   Price to be advised
Confidence & Tradition: A History of the Esk Shire by Ruth Kerr - Council of the Shire of Esk 1988   Price to be advised
A History of Campdrafting in the Esk Shire: Pioneering the Sport of Campdrafting by Caroline Carey   Price to be advised
The Nanango Shire History Book ~ 2005/6 The Gathering of the Waters (Tentative title) concise, accessible and economically priced local history to serve the needs of visitors and local residents alike.